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Senior Pastor

Tom & Jill


Pastor Tom Burke is the Senior Pastors of New Beginnings Church. Tom and his wife Jill have lead the congregation for over 30 years and strive to bring people into a deeper understanding of God.


Communications Pastor

Dylan & Janey


Dylan is the Communications Pastor and supports the mission of New Beginnings in various ways. He loves to passionately preach the Bible and lead others into a deeper relationship with Christ.

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Assistant Pastor

Joey & Millicent Sinclair

Pastor Joey Sinclair is the Assistant Pastor. Joey and his wife Millicent have a strong anointing from the Lord and use their God given talents to please Him and advance the Kingdom.


Women's Jail Ministry Coordinator



Nancy serves as the Women's Jail Ministry Leader and has a heart to reach women that are incarcerated. During her years of visiting in the jails, Nancy has seen many lives transformed by The Gospel.



Oscar & Debbie Robinson

Oscar and his wife Debbie serve as deacons at New Beginnings Church and worship with us on the praise team. Join Oscar on Sunday mornings as he leads Sunday School at 9am. 

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