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About New Beginnings 


Welcome to Our Church!

Our mission is to empower you to fulfill your God-given destiny. We believe that you have a unique purpose and are passionate about helping you discover it. Through teachings, worship services, community outreach, and fellowship, we create a supportive environment for you to grow in your relationship with God and others.

Our History

Welcome to New Beginnings World Outreach Center! Founded over 55 years ago as Evangel Temple, our church has passionately shared the life-transforming message of the Gospel. From our early days, we have engaged in street ministry and tent revivals, reaching out to those in need and sharing the hope found in Christ. These events offer powerful encounters with God's presence, bringing healing and restoration to lives.

We are committed to serving our community in various ways. Alongside our street ministry, we provide spiritual and physical nourishment through regular Bible study and feeding programs for the homeless. It is through these acts of compassion that we reflect Christ's love and share His message of hope and redemption.

Our ministry extends beyond our local community. We support international ministries in Ukraine, India, Trinidad, and Uganda, partnering with dedicated individuals and organizations to spread the Gospel and make a difference globally. Additionally, we recognize the importance of ministering to those incarcerated, sharing the good news and providing support and encouragement to inmates.

Throughout our journey, we have witnessed remarkable instances of divine healing, testifying to the power and faithfulness of God. We believe in His ability to bring about miraculous healings and restoration in every area of life. We invite you to join our mission of love, service, and faith. At our church you can experience spiritual growth, meaningful connections, and a place to use your gifts. Come and be part of our church family as we extend God's love, touch lives, and make an impact in our community and beyond.

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